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    I just did a draft post and found it was in two different fonts although I certainly didn’t call for this.

    I’ve also noticed, I don’t think I can even change my basic font. I would appreciate being able to have the ability to do so, if not already – and WITHOUT having to pay for an upgrade.

    And oh yeah – has my e-mail address ever been updated?

    The blog I need help with is



    If you didn’t update your own email address, then it has never been updated.

    Usually you get font anomalies like this when someone copy/pastes from MS Word, which is not web compatible and which carries within it invisible tags that affect your fonts. It can also happen with copy-pasting from the web, and sometimes when there’s a mess in the captions on an image. Could any of those be the case here?



    No – I did not cut and paste – I typed it all in!

    Now another new question —– my daisy gravatar – what appears on my “home page” or whatever – is gone!

    Someone replied to another of my queries and said he or she would update my e-mail…

    Hope I’m not getting hacked or anything…

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