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    Hi, I would like my site to not be blocked in China, and it seems likely that if I change my fonts to non-google fonts, this will be achieved. How to I do that?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey angelalhagang,

    I don’t think changing the font can help you. And you can only use the fonts given in your WordPress theme.

    Please check the fonts from your theme customizer. Navigate to customize>>Fonts and you will see font options for the Headings and Base.

    You can select any from the drop-down menu.


    I think there is a good chance it will help, as the blocking is intermittent, as with websites blocked for this reason (it was not blocked before I switched to WordPress – I used to use Dreamweaver).
    I go to Theme – Customize — Fonts and see no options. It is very odd. I see the home page; Above it says “Hide Controls” and has a toggle switch, nothing else at all.
    Thanks for your help.


    And there is ad for Premium Fonts by Adobe Typekit



    I am tagging this as “modlook” for the staff assistance. Please wait for a while. A staff member will get back to you.


    Good news — I switched browsers; now I can find the fonts and switch to Adobe and see if it does indeed solve it. But if not, then I can discuss with the staff if they have any further ideas.

    Thanks for your help.


    It worked! Thanks for your help! Turns out the WordPress customizer just wasn’t working on Safari; had to switch to chrome!



    Hi there,

    If the Customizer is not working in Safari, please try clearing the browser cache and cookies and also make sure JavaScript is enabled in the browser.

    However, changing fonts won’t impact whether or not your site is blocked by any government or ISP. That type of blocking typically works by blocking the IP address of the server on which your site exists, and changing fonts don’t cause your site’s IP address to change.


    No — it is a common problem in China that websites fail to load when they try to load the Google fonts. Many, many sites that have nothing to do with anything are blocked just because of the the wholesale blocking of Google. It is clear this is the reason because sites load normally until they start trying to access Google to get the fonts (usually early on in the loading process). These are the things one learns to watch for living in China! And now my site (double-checked on several computers) is working (with Adobe fonts). Anyway, great news!
    It would be useful if WordPress were aware of this — I found out about it by, ironically, Google search :)



    That assumes Google is the only service being blocked in China, which is not the case. They might block Google specifically, but they also block other services. If they’re blocking no changes you make here will cause your site to become visible in that country.

    Ultimately the most reliable way to access a site somewhere that it is blocked is using a VPN or proxy service, and even that won’t work for certain types of blocks.

    Bypassing Internet Restrictions


    Ok, but it is now, having changed the fonts, unblocked in China. I think there is something you are mistaken about. Have a good day.

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