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    can we have something like Fonts and Colors editor apart from the Custom CSS Upgrade for a lesser amount???


    I would like to see that as well and I suggest that you send the request directly to staff so that they can get it logged into their request database. They may or may not see it here in the forums.



    One note on the font thing: That might not happen. The reason is that most people do not realize that when they choose a snappy “kewl” font to apply to something on their blog, they are choosing a font that MAY not be installed on other people’s computer and when the others go to view the blog or site, their browser will then have to substitute a font and typically it will either substitute helvetica/arial (for sans serif fonts) or Times (for serif fonts) and your time spent choosing a font you think looks good is virtually wasted.

    Any font you apply to text on your blog, must also be installed on your visitor’s computers or it will not show up for them on your blog.




    I am beginner for creating blob.
    My problems:

    1. How to modify the size of the font? (not using CSS)

    2. How to set margins?

    3. Ho to see all buttons in Visual Editor? ( I can see only the first 15 approx)
    Thanks In advance

    Laszlo Czinkoczki



    1) by hand-coding each paragraph

    2) cannot be done without the CSS upgrade

    3) click on the Advanced Toolbar button, the last one on the right.

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