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Fonts are appearing small and gray

  1. I dropped the computer mouseas I was submitting a post and all of the text fonts turned gray and small. I've tried refreshing the page, but it is not working. Please help.

  2. Try holding down your ctrl key as you rotate your mouse wheel. That's the shortcut for controlling the size of your font. Something probably happened when your dropped your mouse. The fonts look normal to me when I view your blog.

  3. some of my post have bold letters although there is no farmatting on the font.... and its only on the startpage...
    in the categorysite the font is normal...???

    and another problem maybe u can help me: how can i do a paragraph ? i cant get a free row...everytime after i saved my text, it comes togehter and teh paragraphs fall out?

  4. I can't help with your first problem. I do see the bold lettering in your sidebar.
    I can help with the second question though - "how do I do a paragraph?"
    <p>paragraph text goes here< /p>
    I know that there are problems when using the visually rich text editor if you want to have a blank line between paragraphs. I believe, although, I could be wrong that < br/> may be useful. Maybe you could try these and then post again and drmike will give us a hand with this and with the bold lettering problem.

  5. That's because you have an open Strong tag in the post 'The War Tapes'. Please take a look at your outputted source in your browser and you should see it.

  6. hey guys..
    thanx 4 the quick response...
    yeah.. i took the strong tags from wartapes...and all other bold articles became normal too....strange thing...but it worked !

  7. ... the paragraph thing still doesnt work...
    it bothers me very much.. please help

    the < br/> doesnt work ...

  8. The forum search box is your friend.
    This is a theme dependent thing.
    You can force blank lines as well using < /br> . In certain themes, you might have to use   marks. (Inserts a blank space as well.)
    You may also want to try using the standard editor instead of the rich text one as you'll have better control over your code.
    You can shut off the visual rich text editor on your profile page -> dashboard -> users -> your profile (un-check the box and then click "update profile")

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