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    Please i need some help. My website is about promoting my restaurant and i d like to hate one food menu page and one drink menu page. Can i have 2 pages with the food menu Template ? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    sure it is possible. First add a new Page. Then go to Customize >Menus >choose your menu >Add Items > Pages > choose just added Page. It will appear in the main menu.

    Let me know if it helps!



    Hi there,

    You can add as many pages as you want with the menu template, but that template will always cause all menu sections and items you’ve added to display.

    But what you can do is then use custom CSS to hide from each page the items you don’t want visible. We can help you with the code needed to do that, but it would be best if you first finish creating the menus and publish the two menu pages. Then we can give you code specific to those pages.

    @dariaze, the OP is not asking about the site menu. The Canape theme they use is a restaurant theme and includes a custom page template to publish menus of the food a restaurant sells.



    @kokkieh I can see, thank you, I will explore this theme better :)




    can you help me ?
    I got ORVIS theme and it is an horror for me to set up :-((
    I got my main page with pictures but then, when I create a new page, all the pictures and text are coming again like on the front page….
    How can I do to cancel that ? I mean, having new pages without the same pics widgets..?
    thanks a lot



    @qg961, @kokkieh,

    what about this solution ? No custom CSS.

    There are 2 options:
    1. Separated website menu items – food and drinks
    I created 2 menu sections and added each of them as a website menu item

    2. One website menu items with 2 menu sections inside – menu page
    Here I added a new Page and set Menu Template as a Page Attribute. Then I set this Page as a website menu item.

    Let me know if it is an acceptable solution

    @mariemesplet could you please create a new post just for your issue, so that we don’t mix the to things here? :)


    Hey @mariemesplet,

    I would love to assist you, but in order to keep threads on topic, I wanted to see if you could create a new post?:

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