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  1. Who thinks they know who will come out on top? I personally am rooting for them patriots Patriots got this covered its amusing

  2. sunshinelikeacid

    The Patriots are definitely going to win!!!!!
    no way the giants can do anything!!!

  3. thats what I am talking about some love from sunshine

  4. It'll be closer than many are predicting. The Pats have had a rough time covering the spread and the Giants have been a heckuva team to bet on so far in the post season. I think last week I read that 80% of the money coming in so far was on the Giants.

    The Giants will score on the pats, but ultimately you've got to think that the Giants D thrives on pressuring the QB, and the secondary is really banged up. The Patriots O-Line negates pressure better than anyone in the league except maybe Indianapolis, which should equate into a big day from Brady, Moss, Welker, and company.

    Of course, that's just me....I handicap everything in life.

  5. What is this "Football" of which you speak?

  6. Football is so tedious. This will be a great day to go shopping and have the stores to myself!

  7. Is it some kind of Japanese fetish activity? Sounds like it.

  8. Yes, it's a play on the traditional japanese foot fetish and anal beads. :)

  9. Shaddup infidels!

    GO GIANTS... (at time of typing 10-7 up)

  10. Amazing Super Bowl - that last drive by Eli Manning was freakin' heroic AND legendary. That pay where he avoided getting sacked and hit David Tyree for about 35 yards was huge.

    The TD to Burress was awesome because you could start celebrating the minute he released the ball. It was a sure thing. What a play.

    Way to go Giants.....I believe even though I picked the Pats overall that I said the Giants were the team to bet on and would keep it close/cover the spread.

  11. So rocks...

  12. Noted that salamndstron & sunshinelikeacid are noticeably absent... ;)

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