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    Greetings. I am having problems with my layout that is in the process of being implemented into wordpress. I have an error, though.

    View that in IE. The content footer (<div id=”footer”>) or does not go to the bottom, does not go down when the content scrolls. It says where it is for some reason, however the layout is fine in FF.

    Does anyone happen to know what may be the cause of this problem? Thank you in advance.



    I forgot to mention that, since that footer is supposed to go down, the footer below it that hold the recent posts and recent comments areas are supposed to go down below it as well. Anyone can be of assistance?


    This is the forum for those hosted on the free multi-user version of wordpress, and you are self-hosted using the software downloaded from As such, we do not have an answer for you, but you should be able to get help in the .org forum at .


    I should have said it more along the lines of, free hosted on At any rate, try the forum at .org.


    Nice looking theme by the way, what’s the name of it?



    Thanks. I didn’t know that the post wasn’t supposed to be here. I have posted it at the link you have given me.

    The theme was made by me, but it’s still in the process of being modified and stylized. Thanks!


    Very nice work. Are you going to make it available to the public?



    Thanks :)

    I never really though about releasing it, but not that you’ve mentioned it, probably so. Just after I’m done using it.


    I’ll keep your site bookmarked so I can check back, and see what you are doing.



    Okay, thank you. I’ll do the same :)



    May you help me anyhow? I really need to get this fixed, hehe.


    I haven’t messed with HTML in a long time (past what I need to do in posts) and php I haven’t even started learning. CSS, I can go in and change colors and such, but don’t have any indepth understanding of.

    I wish I could be more help, but I can’t.

    Have you tried any of the php or css forums found in a google search?



    Hmm, nope. But that’s a good idea actually. Thank you anyways! I shall look into your suggestion.


    You’re very welcome and I hope you can find the answers you need.

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