Footer menu under appearance in dashboard panel.

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    Could you activate (plugin) Footer menu under Appearance in dashboard panel for all of the templates especially those I have paid for with admin user as njee01 so I can be able to update the footer content? And also if I could have widget footer activated as well, that would be marvelous.


    If the theme you are using supports widgets in the footer, you will see a widget area name something like “Footer Widgets” when going to Appearance > Widgets. There is no Footer menu. If the theme does not support widgets in the footer, you will not be able to edit the content in the footer.


    @njee01, requires that you keep the footer credits and links unchanged. However, you can add text to them with CSS. If you provide a link to the blog you are working on, I can help you with an example to get you started.



    The footer widget is not present on all of the templates I’m using. Here are the links of the blogs am working on.

    The content should read as “contact Us | copyright 2013 JBVEF All rights reserved”

    The link for contact us should be connecting to the admin address “mailto:(email redacted)”



    It is only possible to add text using CSS, not links. Here is an example:

    .site-info:before {
    	content: "copyright 2013 JBVEF All rights reserved";
    	display: block;

    If you used that method, you could then add a contact page and contact form to the top menu instead of in the footer.

    Another alternative would be to place the HTML for the footer text you would like to add into a text widget into one of the theme’s widget area and then use absolute positioning to move the widget into the footer area. This method would only work on pages where the widget area you used is present.

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