footer moves when headline is viewed

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    I’m having an issue with my footer not staying where it should be. Whenever you click on one of the headlines to view that post the footer moves up to just below the header image and the sidebar goes to the bottom center of the page. click on the first heading.

    Any thoughts on what would cause this??

    [Link broken – drmike]



    OOPS! You seem to be in the wrong place. is a MU (multi-user) blogging platform. We run on a different code base than the version you can download from and you will get different answers to your questions here.
    The forum for self hosted and web hosted wordpress blogs is located over here You may want to take a few moments and read this description about the different versions of WordPress software posted in a pink “read me first” sticky at the head of this forum.
    Happy blogging! :)

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