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Footer Removal

  1. I have purchased the custom CSS package. How can I remove the text at the bottom of the page, which states the page theme? If this cannot be deleted, can it be made much, MUCH smaller?

  2. The CSS folks will probably want to know which theme you're using, in order to properly help you.

  3. I'm using Cutline, thanks.

  4. If you are using cutline, just find the portion of your CSS that has #footer or .footer in your CSS and edit that to have a small print or print that is the same color as the background.


  5. #footer {display:none}

  6. Okay, you guys are wonderful!

    Not to be a pain, but what if I simply want to delete the text (and leave the footer bar)?

  7. #footer p {display: none;}

  8. Thanks, guys, I wondered how to do this, but not seriously enough to ask or otherwise pursue an answer. I'd rather have theme and host credits in a sidebar text widget than in an odd little bar at the bottom of the page.

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