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    I was hoping to be able to add some text to the left bottom side of my footer called “Contact Me” that would link to my contact page I am able to do this via the theme’s options on the right side, but was hoping some CSS pro could get it on the left for me. Thank you… and thanks for the help over the past week. Great community.

    I am wanting the text in white.

    The blog I need help with is



    You place the text you want to appear in the footer into a text widget. Then you wait for those who help with CSS editing, to tell you what the code is to use position absolute to position it so that text actually appears in the footer.


    I do not want all the text i place in the widget to appear at the same location in the footer. Only the contact me part.



    What I posted above will result in what you want in the footer text, as weird as it may sound. You need to prepare the text widget text now, so you will get the code required the first time those who help with CSS editing click into this thread. Otherwise there will be a time wasting back and forth to do exactly what I said in the first place.


    Ok I did not understand. I see many of your posts with an overley aggressive tone . No need to get nasty and be angry all the time. Thanks.


    The HTML has been added to the footer. When a CSS expert is able to help me out could you tell me if it would also be possible to move the credits down with the “Contact me” part. Towards the right corner. I would like the contact me part to be under the credits if this is possible without breaking any types of rules. Thank you CSS pro’s.. for all the help!



    I’m neither angry nor aggressive lol :D.

    I know that in order for your text to appear in the footer area where you want it to, you must first place the text you want to appear there in a text widget and then wait for those who help with CSS editing to assist you by providing the required code. I know that because I searched before I posted.

    If you are solution orientated your may proceed as I suggested. If your aren’t then a back and forth time wasting exchange will be your reward.


    “If you are solution orientated your may proceed as I suggested. If your aren’t then a back and forth time wasting exchange will be your reward.”

    Your.. comments do your self no favors and I have made the change and added it to the the footer. Go back and read your post on how you attack people all the time. I am not looking for a reward from you as I am asking help from a CSS expert not a troll. you may go ahead and post back what you want regarding your “reward” however I will not reply as you are wasting my time.

    I appreciate the advise on the CSS. However it’s all abut your tone and you prove that in your ” your aren’t then a back and forth time wasting exchange will be your reward”

    Anyway I am looking for help for a great community. Not to get in an argument with someone online that I do not even know and someone behind a screen name with no real life credential..




    My support history can be found by clicking the meber link under my username. My real life credentials can be found by doing a whois search. I don’t have the time of day for any trolls either, and I’ve put up with over 8 years of people with low IQs attacking me online when I’m only trying to help, but I’m still laughing. lol :D Also I didn’t namecall – you did.



    P.S.If you would like to start a new thread and have me totally ignore it, then please feel free to do that.


    If anyone else needs help with this question:

    1. If I your not concerned about old browsers.
    #footer a[href*=”contact-me”] {position: relative; left: -660px;}

    2. If it’s likely no other links would be added to the footer and full browser support:
    #footer a {position: relative; left: -660px;}

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