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    I have just changed my photo blog theme to the new San Kloud and there is a problem. The title of theme and the designer label which appears at the bottom of all themes is right across the top of page.
    I did have this problem with Twenty Ten but I was able to rectify it by adding a footer widget but San Kloud does not allow for footer widgets.

    What can I do please as I really like this theme?

    The blog I need help with is



    According to WP, this is “the future of all web pages”…

    Since WP refuses to make infinite scrolling optional, the only thing you can do is set a static page as your front, and rely on the Recent Posts and the Categories widget for navigation.


    Thank you justpi. I’ll give the static page a try and see how it goes. Although I think that that may be a bit difficult on iPad.

    I really dislike infinite scrolling. I wish it was optional on this theme. And if this IS the future well, it’s making some of the themes look a mess.



    Yet another great leap – forward?


    @justpi, I successfully put a static page in place. It’s not ideal by any means but ho hum. Thanks for your help.

    @auxclass, yup, it just gets better and better!!



    @jessielansdel: You’re welcome. Of course it’s not ideal, but it’s the only way to get rid of infinite scrolling.

    @mike:Yeah, “pushing forward”, according to staff; “one of [their] most interesting, best qualities”, they say.

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