footer widgets being a PAININMYBUTT.

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    I put some widgets in my footer widget section to see what I wanted/did not want there. Now I can’t remove any of them. I’ve tried dragging them back down the the “available widgets” section, dragging them into the side section and then to the available widgets section, dragging them off to nowhere, and even hitting my stupid delete key, yet they will not get out of my face. HELP.



    You need to drag them right down to the bottom of the available widgetsarea. If you can try to place them between some of the other widgets; you’ll see them all shift down and that’s when you know you can release it and click save changes. If that doesn’t work for you it could be a browser issue. Some don’t work as well with WP as others and this is a fairly common problem. If you have another browser, try it in that, something like Firefox if you using IE or Safari. Hope that helps.

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