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Footnotes/endnotes/page jumps no longer work

  1. I have successfully copy/pasted open office documents into wordpress for over two years including footnotes/endnotes. It just stopped working within the last week or so. Worse, I can't even edit the HTML to make it work. The HTML keeps removing the ability of footnotes to be links. The "page jump" code isn't working.

    I found out that there's a DIV and SUP code of some sort added by open office that seems to cause the problem, but it's a bit annoying that I have to spend time to edit the html all of a sudden when it was never necessary before.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Review this support document: .

    Can you give us a link to a place this has happened so we can take a look?

    Also, have you changed themes or anything lately?

  3. An example is here:

    The area: Woman are often seen as affectionate, appreciative, emotional, friendly, sympathetic, sensitive, and sentimental; but men are seen as dominant, achievement-oriented, active, ambitious, self-confident and rational.1

    There is a "sup" code around the 1 here.

    The endnote is at the bottom. The div code is around the 1 there: 1 These specific findings are attributed to David Schneider’s The Psychology of Stereotyping (New York: Guilford Press, 2005).

  4. Things have gotten even worse now and the endnote code refuses to link properly. The endnote code refuses to surround the numbers used for endnotes. New post:

    The first endnote is at the very end of this area:" Suppose that a friend when in his right mind has deposited arms with me and he asks for them when he is not in his right mind, ought I to give them back to him? No one would say that I ought or that I should be right in doing so, any more than they would say that I ought always to speak the truth to one who is in his condition.1"

    The code ends before the number "1" shows up: /a>1

    I tried to fix this issue by hand, but wordpress editor keeps ruining everything.

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