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For All Chelsea FC Fans

  1. needs more viewers .... and a blog without its users is nothing .... chelseazone provides you with the latest news and reviews about chelsea ... aswell as team news , upcoming fixtures etc.

    All chelsea Football Club fans are politely asked to become regular viewers of the blog ... inorder to compete with other arsenal and manchester united sites ... chelseazone will require readers to boost up its blog stats and deliver you with all the chelsea news you can digest ... fans in other rival clubs are growing and chelsea needs a major boost ....

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  2. I'll get in tough with him, though I believe his eyesight is impaired these days

  3. touch...typo

  4. what? Chelsea is a soccer team!

  5. I thought it was that chick Prince Hot Ginge is dating?

  6. Chelsea WAS a soccer team-take comfort Shay I used to support Saints when they were any good. :o

  7. chelsea is still a good side ... and they are the favourites to win the champions league! ... they are better than any other team in europe ... and i wrote this for chelsea fans ... if ur not a fan than dont bother commenting other than chelsea in this post ... because its about chelsea only and the site i made

  8. Typical

  9. Are u a soccer fan??? Gentle dove?? it would be nice if u become a regular reader ov my blog and comment often.

  10. Yay Aston Villa 0 Chelsea 1 :O

  11. wow... "I'll get in tough with him..."

    Sounds hot - put the photos on FLickr if you don't mind. :-)

  12. please become regular readers and commenters ...

    Tell any other chelsea FC fan

  13. Shay there are Chelsea fans on Blogcatalog

  14. Isn't Chelsea a neighborhood in New York? Joni Mitchell says it is.

  15. I always thought Socks the Cat was the more attractive of the Clinton young. Chelsea just never did anything for me. Unless she'd let me call her Hillary in bed. That might be exciting.

  16. Fancy Coaster not knowing Chelsea is an area of London, it's like me saying where's Montreal? The Kings Rd Chelsea is where it all happened in the swinging 60s. Now just to fox you a little Chelsea football club is actually in Fulham. They were always a competitive team of the guts and glory kind but when José Mourhinio [spello][aka "the special one"] took over they also became very fashionable and he took them to the upper echelons of the premier league, after their win yesterday they will probably hold on to 3rd place behind Man U and Liverpool. Shay has got a good blog which is quite engaging I have been to Stamford bridge to watch Saints play, and lose dammit, but when Saints were in the premier Chelsea were a rival side. Since Saints have plummeted to oblivion I've kind of lost interest a bit in footie. Chelsea buns, Chelsea flower show, Chelsea drug store,[you cain't always git what you want-Rolling Stones] Sloane Sq [Sloane rangers] Chelsea pensioners all famous London landmarks apart from chelsea buns which have nothing to do with chelsea. :)

  17. Kevin, there is a therapist in Kings rd who might be able to help :o

  18. okayy... ill check blog catalog.

  19. I know Chelsea is an area of London, but who ever goes there? Everyone knows about New York!

  20. o1o

  21. Raincoaster ... do u watch soccer??
    if you do then u gotta love my blog!! :P

  22. yes chelsea's got a good chance of getting into the quarters of the champions league as they have beaten juve by a goal at home... i dont know what went wrong with big phil... very disappointed.. but the side looks promising under hiddink... seems chelsea's up for the challenge...

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