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For all serious followers of Jesus Christ

  1. I am a Christian actually. But, I do NOT pick and choose which parts of the Bible I choose to believe or quote at others. My religion and beliefs are private and I would NOT presume to try and force my beliefs t onto others. I do not consider myself rude OR disrespectful but some of these fundamentalist groups are horrendously nasty to anyone who does not agree with their doctrine.

  2. Isn't it strange that after 3 days, the original poster cal4u hasn't made a single comment?

  3. Yes, I was thinking exactly the same thing. Load the gun and wait for others to fire the bullets.

  4. @Jessie
    I'll never fight for the rights of gays, nor to support them get right. I'm just opposing the penalties. BTW there's not OP in this thread so leave it alone so that is should lost in the forum sea.

  5. messymusings05

    @ momfog- Well said!

  6. @TT. *Loud Applause*.

  7. is there any historical record attributed to Jesus teaching his followers to start multiple book believing sects that mirror the legalistitic attitudes and reprehensible behaviors of those he is recorded as calling hypocrites ie. the Sadducees and Pharisees?

    If so then after being brainwashed from birth, indoctrinated and graduating from not one but two bible colleges and from University, I can't find that teaching attributed to Jesus in the New Testment books.

    One would assume that serious followers Jesus would adhere to his teachings wouldn't they? Because when they don't they are clanging cymbals. And just what were those teachings? Jesus taught his followers ancient wisdom.

    dana = authentic generosity (charitable giving of the self and sharing of possessions, donation)

    metta = selfless love and good will toward all beings (loving kindness)

    karuna = compassion (respect, acceptance, forgiveness)

    mudita = altruistic joy filled with peace and contentment (appreciative joy at the success and good fortune of others)

    sila = self discipline -abstaining from physical and vocal actions that cause harm to oneself and others

    uppekka = equanimity (an inclusive state of open mind free of attachment, aversion, bigotry, craving, ignorance and intolerance)

    Those universals are the essence of teachings of both Buddha and of Jesus. They are also found in other traditions as well.

  8. @TT. Beautifully put and I couldn't agree more. I'm not a born again Christian or even a traditionally practicing one; but I do have my beliefs, and the way I see it Jesus taught love and compassion and forgiveness. And this meant ALL of humanity, not just a chosen few.

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