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For companies to grow, GIVE Marketing is the only way

  1. PUSH marketing is gone. For the first time in history, small businesses, entreprenuers, new start-ups are on the same playing ground as even the largest corporations. How is that possible? It’s simple and it’s NOT going away. Huge companies are spending thousands, millions, on old advertising (print, television, billboards, etc)… but it’s a waste of money. People TIVO/DVR right through tv commer…cials. People are texting while they drive (much less looking at bulletin boards or the ROAD). People are online via their laptops or mobile phones (not reading print newspapers).

    Gen Y, Gen X and every other consumer is already OVERLOADED with spam, advertisings, and everything else that used to work. WHAT they want now… WHAT they deserve now… What they DEMAND now is one-on-one HELP. And they are getting it. They could care less about your FaceBook Fan page or your Twitter post talking about WHAT YOUR COMPANY DOES. What they want, is an answer to the question THEY tweeted about (without the plug for your company).

    This is not a choice. Companies that are going to succeed in the next five years WILL understand this. Push marketing is GONE. The consumer is in control now (for the first time). There is so much information at their fingertips. For a company, yes… it is time consuming, but if you have a small business and you aren’t reaching out personally and helping those in your social media circles, you are missing out on the very best opportunity you have to grow your company. Help them. Talk to them. Offer FREE ADVICE.

    GIVE Marketing is the only way to grow in the upcoming economy. The residual EFFECT of them perhaps becoming your customer will be just that, it’s EFFECT. But, it cannot be your PURPOSE for what you do. You must be authentic. People see right through the bull because there is so much of it out there already.

    (Thanks to Simon Sinek and Gary Vaynerchuk for the inspiration of this ramble)

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