for goodness sake add a dettach/ unattach photo function!

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    Please! Looking at the forum it’s been a suggestion and something people have been asking for for years. Dettaching an image from a page really shouldn’t be about deleting the image or post, or far more importantly, page. I’m creating a portfolio web page from a template (Photographer) with a slideshow function built in. I’ve added a media file to the slideshow by accident and noticed that it appears to be hard coded into the page itself and can’t be edited out. The only way it can be “edited out” is to start again. As the image is used elsewhere I don’t want to delete it. Luckily I’ve spent only a few minutes on the page, but if I’d spent longer on it I’d be pretty peeved by now. seems to have it, why not .com?

    Here’s the offending page.

    The blog I need help with is



    You edit the page, click the frame that represents the gallery, click the Edit icon, hover over the image and click the top right X to remove it from the gallery, click Update Gallery; or you switch the editor to Text (=code) and delete the ID of the particular image.


    You’ve missed the point. What you are referring to is the gallery on that page which is easy to edit.

    What I am referring to is the slideshow. It is not possible to un-embed the images from the slideshow.


    The slideshow works by attaching images to the page, and it appears physically embedding them in somehow.

    Thanks anyway.



    I’m referring to the WP gallery as well as the standard WP sildeshow that is available on all free themes. Since you’re using a premium theme that works in a different way, you should have posted in the forum for that theme.

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