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For photographers out there

  1. Having just joined WP this is my first ever forum topic, i only hope iv pressed the right button!
    I wanted to hear from other photographers and artists out there on why they do what they do. Until recently i didn't think about this at all, i just took photos.
    Following a bit of a slump having worked my arse off trying to get a website set up and re build my portfolio after losing all my work, i had a bit of a "why am i doing this" moment. I answered my own question when i had a particularly good photo shoot and i was walking back home. It suddenly occured to me that in the moment of taking my pictures i was so focused on being in that moment nothing else was on my mind. I wasnt worrying about bills, shopping, work or anything else for that matter. My mind was quiet. Im no spiritualist but that is the only way i can describe how i feel when taking photos.
    I would love to hear from other people and what it is that makes them tick.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Photography is an expensive hobby. If you can make money with it you should keep doing it. If you can't, maybe you should stop. Unless you have a job with enough salary to support your hobby.
    That is why they keep taking pictures. They can make money with it or they have enough sources of money.
    If you love landscape, then you need more money to travel to exotic places. :)

  3. I think this thread is in the wrong forum

  4. Thank you for your comment. When i started taking photos again at the start of the year my intention was to make it a new career in due course. Yes I have spent some money on upgrading kit and i am trying to work around my full time job. But the more i'm progressing the more i'm just enjoying what i'm doing. When i started in the days of film, that was expensive, now that i have the kit i need i can focus on the photography and not worry about processing costs. I just need to upload the image to my computer and job done.
    As for travelling to exotic places i have bought some camping gear so all i need to worry about now is paying for my tickets. It just means roughing it for a few days!
    I think photography can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. Its very dependant on what you are trying to achieve and the kit you want to use to do it.
    I have gone the route of forking out for a bit to start with, but now i have what i want i plan on spending as little as possible. I know of people that are quite happy and content using a plastic Holga film camera and still produce some amazing images.

    Re being in the wrong forum, any ideas on how to get on the right one. This is my first ever thread so i'm still not quite sure what i'm doing.
    Thank you

  5. rosedalegardens

    I enjoy flower gardening and like to take photos of my flowers. I was sharing my photo's by e-mail & those on dial up had trouble down loading a large block of them. I would also include stories about what my 3 hooligan Border collies had done that day. Cathy at 'Coffee with Cathy' a blog also found on WordPress talked me into starting my blog. I can share my flower pictures with those unable to visit my garden.

  6. Thank you for commenting. I had a look and like your pics. I think its great to be able to share an interest with other people. I didn't realise quite how good blogs could be for this sort of thing.
    Thank you

  7. rosedalegardens

    You're welcome have a great day.

  8. So the cost is not an issue for you as you know how to make it as cheap as possible. And you already have everything you need. Good for you. So why the "why-am-I-doing-this" question popped up? Go out there and take some pictures. Photography is fun :D

  9. This thread should be in the 'Off Topic' forum.

  10. The problem i had was burning myself out. Getting up before dawn everyday for 3 months waiting for the right light, then working a full day and spending the evenings editing the images. The learning curve for creating a website as i have little computer knowledge was very steep for me. It all culminated to a point were i got a little lost on my journey. I was doing way to much to soon, and lost sight of why i was doing it. Thats the point i asked myself that question.
    I think it was actually good for me to get to that point because it bought me back down to earth and made me realise that as you say photography is and should be fun.
    Just because i'm looking to go from amateur to making my hobby a full time occupation shouldn't mean that i have to get all stressed and overworked.
    By asking myself that question again has made me slow down and just enjoy what i'm doing.
    Thats why i have become interested in hearing from other photographers and artists. What motivates them to go out and take pictures, i'm sure everyone has a different reason.
    Thanks for the advice on the forum, i will try and edit the thread accordingly, cheers.

  11. I'm an amateur photographer. Whereas my dad likes to record the moment, I like to capture the moment. I always feel happy and peaceful whilst i'm photographing, maybe it's because I always take my camera when i'm travelling far off somewhere. Even if I took 100 pictures, if there is just 1 photo that looks perfect, I'm happy!

  12. Oh and your gallery is beautiful! Seriously need to get myself a tripod.

  13. Recently, I got into the photography mania just as everyone else did. However, the difference about me and everyone is that I love taking pictures candidly. If I could, I would deviate from taking pictures of people posing so obviously. I have formulated my own tag line which goes, "I don't take pictures. I capture memories." Sounds cool, right? Well, I got that from writing many long distance relationship advice ( I put in a lot of sayings either at the end of an article or at the very beginning.

  14. @landlightseaphotography
    G'day to you,
    The vast and overwhelming majority of bloggers do not post to these forums frequently, if ever. To locate other bloggers who are into photography and visit there blogs and form relationships with them this is the global tag page URL or photography

  15. Thank you all very much for your comments on the forum, its good to read about the different approaches people take and the way photography is viewed by that individual.
    noirciplume, i agree that even if you only come away from a shoot with one decent image its worth it. I used to get frustrated if this happened and would push myself to come away with as many useable images as possible, but this stopped me focusing on what was right in front of me and my composition would be awful and my exposure settings would be wrong. All because i was rushing the process. For me it now comes back to slowing down and being in the moment.
    laurenthermo your tag line is very original and a good one, i like including famous quotes in my website but would prefer to come up with my own if i could think of any!
    Thank you timethief for your advice, can i go on to the page and add a thread from there, or is there another way i would have to go about it. Sorry, i'm not very good at this yet.

  16. @landlightseaphotography
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  17. Hi timethief!
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