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    I went to check Photography topics, and it bounced me back to Reader (which I’m not thrilled about, but whatever…) and has been “loading” for over a minute. Got fed up, refreshed a few times, then it finally loaded.

    FYI: am using latest version of Chrome browser.

    There was also a slight hang time when I got to the bottom – “But wait there’s more!” It is not seamless, as an engineer said it should be (somewhere in this forum, sorry, don’t remember which thread). I am on high speed internet. I’m not sure what other details the engineers need.

    Anyway, considering that the feedback thingie is disabled, and we’ve been told to post problems here…I’m posting here. Hope this helps a little.



    Staff are monitoring the thread I will link to and accepting Reader issue and Topics page issue feedback in it. As the thread is open and you can post into it I’m flagging this thread for closure. Here’s the link >

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