For the fifth time, Reader not working.

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    Did all the steps, cleared the cache cookies etc. I noticed lots of other people still having this issue. Any clues yet?

    The blog I need help with is



    Not judging from the two hundred or so other threads on the issue.







    Stupid iPhone.



    I had problem with the reader too…
    The reader opens and [in my case] it opens with Blogs I Follow…

    instead of immediately scrolling, I click on the Explore topics link – which brings up the Topics menu – I select movies for example – then it begins to load the posts for that topic – then depending on how long it has been since I last checked – there might be a lengthy number of New Posts – so the Checking for New Posts takes its time loading those new posts.

    Rather than wait – I hit explore topics again and again select the topic I want – and then it usually loads instantly.



    Now I’m getting follow up post alerts for this topic that are a blank and read, “message has no content”.



    I have noticed same results as jmmnewaov2. Some of the ti mes just reloading the page stops the Checking for New Posts from spinning forever. The OTHER ISSUE is how long does one wait for a page to load. I clock on Explore Topics, then Blogging and I don’t even get a few posts displayed with the spinning-forever Checking for New Posts. Blogging just does not load. The longest I let the page load is 2 or 3 hours and I gave up. There is something wrong with how loading topics works from Explore Topics. I am running Firefox 14 on Windows 7 desktop. This doesn’t work in IE9 either



    I’m pretty sure the problem started after they added Infinite Scroll. All these new features and getting rid of perfectly good old ones is making me nuts.



    There are mysteries associated with WP for sure. When they don’t directly impede you, you may not feel compelled to explore them. Of course they aren’t mysteries to those who understand and/or embrace them.

    While I understand the explanation for infinite scroll that I encountered when trying to figure out why my blog has gone weird, that doesn’t make up for the damage. The injury is not slight. My theme, Sapphire, isn’t terribly amenable to this new feature that WP feels it must adopt in order to be on top of the tech. So, Tech is getting dumber? As tech ‘evolves’ we get less functionality? That’s what you’re saying WP. Or is it something more mundane. You just don’t love us all that much and it’s now showing? The people can be annoying, Can’t they? That’s what happens when elites, and the people themselves, turn the people into uncaring cattle.

    Looking for the fix for the infinite scroll outrage wasn’t fun either. Too many techies are geeks (unfriendly, as in they have no time for those who don’t already understand or know), even when they spend a lot of time pretending not to be.

    I am not getting more than 4 hours of sleep a day right now (Yes, I work. It’s not all play.) and so having to figure this out is not something I am happy about. Who cares? Right? The solution (perhaps or perhaps not) seems to involved inserting a blank

      footer widget

    (which I can’t find for the life of me) into… your sidebar or whatever. Nothing was clearly explained. Diagrams? Forget that. We are supposed to know what we don’t know! I don’t have a techie friend around the corner to call on to sort this, and other problems, out.

    I could almost live with the offensive ‘infinite scroll’ if it weren’t for the fact that with my Sapphire theme, it messes up the theme. I’ve mentioned it elsewhere and so far it’s only radio silence.

    Where’s the love? Was it there? Was it lost?

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