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For those of you moving to

  1. I would just like to say that I have moved from .com to .org, and am extremely happy with the tons of new benefits I have.

    Also, for the newbies, I recommend HostGator for your hosting needs. Don't ever go to DreamHost or BlueHost, they're both rubbish. They're cheap and very user-friendly, not to mention the great customer support. If you need any help feel free to contact me at

    In any case, I will miss you all. I will pop by every now and then, I really enjoyed my time here at, taught me many valuable lessons.

    - Leetgamer from (Now Andrew from

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What? I'm checking that out.

  3. Are you in any ways affiliated with HostGator? Sorry for asking but I have to...

  4. Heck no! I tried DreamHost first since they were the first on the list recommended, but I couldn't get my account activated and they didn't respond even after waiting 5 days.

    Then I tried BlueHost - same issue, but this time I only waited a day before cancelling.

    Then I said screw it I'm not taking any recommendations from, I went about googling for the best host and most people recommended HostGator from what I saw, tried it out, and have been using it ever since.

  5. @leetgamer

    Hi There! I use to read your blog a lot I really like your new avatar did you make it yourself ? I checked out your site and was really impressed with the direction you have chosen to go towards your site looks really nice I have bookmarked your site for future reading...

    I can remember when I first saw you in the com forums I checked out your new blog back then and I have to say you really have brought your site to new heights... = )

    Kind Regards
    Slik aka T3ck,

  6. Well when it comes to web hotsing got eordpress.ORG installs I recommend A Small Orange. Their support is outstanding and their service is too.

  7. oops! Sorry bout the typos above. That ought to have read "hosting got wordpress.ORG"

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