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Forbidden material on one's blog

  1. What can I do if I discover some illegal material on someone's blog and can I somehow contact blogger to tell him to remove it?

  2. Material that violates Terms of Service reference:

    There are three ways to contact staff.
    In all cases, please include complete and specific information, without referring back to support forum threads.

    (1) Feedback button
    On the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page you will see a blue "feedback" button. If you click it then a pane will open and you can type your message into it and send it to staff.

    (2) Contact Support Form
    On the front page of you blog on the far left hand side you will see a drop-down menu under My Account and one of the selections is "Contact Support" click it and send your message on the form provided.

    (3) Email
    Alternatively, You can send an email to support [at] wordpress [dot] com.

  3. If you're logged in when you're viewing the blog there's a blue bar at the top. On the right there's "blog info". Under there is "report as spam" or "report as mature".

    You can use either of those or send an email to support @ wordpress . com with all the appropriate details of the blog.


  4. TT beat me to it again.... ;)

  5. Thanks Collin for adding that I adding an addendum and when I looked down and saw this and removed it. :)

  6. Actually ToS issues go into a different queue. That should be tos ( at ) wordpress ( dot ) com although the support address will take the complaint. Mark and staff has asked us to send it in via that method so that it can be taken take of correctly. It's also a different queue on their end.

    Please be sure to include a link to the specific post or page within the blog, not just the blog itself. (ie Don't make them hunt for it) Also explain why it's illegal in your opinion and please provide any additional information that may be of concern.

  7. It would be handy if that were another tab on that drop down menu. I would use it frequently.

  8. Agreed. I also think we need a ToS selection on the drop down menu.

  9. Use the Label as Spam drop down.

  10. Will do.

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