Forcing dropdown menu choice without option to click on parent page

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    How do you force choosing a dropdown option in a menu choice?
    i.e.-“products” is a menu choice/page.I put children pages under this page.I only want to be able to click thru to those.I can currently click on the parent “products” link in the menu. I do not want this as an extraneous/redundant page offering links to the children pages.

    please advise.

    The blog I need help with is


    ❇ Submenu with non-linking top level tab
    A tab that’s just a heading for a submenu, not a link, is created in the Custom Links module: type anything after “http://”, type the name in the Label field, click Add to Menu; once it’s added to the menu, click the arrow to open it, delete everything in the URL field, click Save Menu.
    Note: In some theme this produces a differently looking tab; in that case replace the content of the URL field with a # instead of deleting everything.

    This is from a great resource on custom menus:



    Where are these modules?i assume they are not the sidebar link section.


    Don’t have time at the moment for a more fulsome answer, but go to Dahboard, Appearance, Menus to see the menu modules.

    Read this support document for more information:


    Member it.


    Super! I tried one out myself on a test blog and will definitely be doing this often.



    The tutorial is a little confusing.adding the # puts a “menu item” in the menu map .rename this and put the child pages underneath.


    First, create a custom menu. . The WordPress support page shows some of the screen images and might be a little easier to follow.

    Once you name your menu, you will be ready to add your Product custom link. So instead of adding your Products Page, go to the box that says Custom Link. put the # sign where the URL would go and put in Products as your label. Click Add to menu. Then proceed with adding your pages that you want on your menu, referring to the support page on how to add your pages. You can drag your items around as shown on the WordPress support page to make the right pages fall under your Products item.


    Actually looking at your page, It looks like you got it!



    Yeah,i did.

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