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    If you look on the right part of the page, @

    You will see strange characters in the feed.

    – Since the blog is hosted on (I cannot configure anything)
    – Since this RSS display is a widget (same thing)

    What can you suggest – besides replacing by an english feed – I want to provide visitors a french feed.

    I tried also Futura Science feed – same problem.

    Thank you. ClodiMedius!



    I’d forwarded this to: [address removed]

    btw, I have this kind of problem even with non-foreign feeds. some chars looks very weird.



    Thank you. Very kind!



    Um, staff has asked us not to route email directly to them or to specific individuals as different people are on at different times. (Although I agree that this case needed to be handled by staff as it’s a back end issue.)

    If you must email, it should go to: mu ( a t ) (change the ‘at’ sign) so whoever is working can deal with the issue. You can also contact them directly here although feedback should be the first method of contact.



    I come back for that issue; I tried the following, and this might be a hint to solve it:

    1. I settled a test site with many French feeds

    2. I applied EVERY theme… same thing happens, so not in the theme…

    3. Since feeds displays in RSS Widget, it might be the Widget itself misbehaving.

    4. Interesting hint: Open this page, through IE; use right-click option – encoding – to switch to Occidental Europe. Then, no more bad characters in the feed – Wow! However, the title «accentué» becomes garbled.

    4. Then use the right button again to come back to UTF-8. Then the feeds come back with strange characters.

    Hoping this hint might help the RSS Widget creators to supply a better widget.

    I experiment this only and only one problem with WordPress. Wonderful!



    I would like to thank whoever solved the problem. There is no more strange characters in French RSS feeds – consult the blog above.

    So, this thread can be closed and marked as solved!

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