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Foreign-language blogs with English tags.

  1. WTF is up with that, anyway?

    Consider this:

    Can't read it upside-down even, even though the tag is: humour.

    You use tag surfer with tags in English, you expect to have blogs in English, no?

    So please, if you blog in another language, put the tag in that language!

    Not English.

    Thank you.

    Carry on.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. For the record, the writer did use the correct tag. The word "humor" does exist in Indonesian, the language the blog is written in, unless it is Malay, from Malaysia, which is an almost identical language, the difference between Malay and Indonesian being the similar to the differences of British and American English, or Canadian English, for that matter. And humor in Malay or Indonesian or English does mean the same. Just to set the record straight. The title reads "Favorite song", but the punchline escapes me.

  3. Great. So can we come up with a way to filter out foreign-language blogs from the tag surfer? Here's another humor-tagged item clogging up my tag surfer:

    I have nothing against foreign-language blogs, it's just that if I can't read a foreign language, why should I have it in the tag surfer? Isn't that the whole point of the tag surfer, to collect posts about subjects you're interested in? If you can't read it, what's the point?

  4. Duh...but what if someone WANTS to read blogs in a foreign language where the tag happens to be the same as in English, but that someone cannot speak English? Same problem. Should there be a 'select only blogs in ... language' attached to the tag surfer filtering? Tags are rather indiscriminate, so I guess there's not much we can do about that, besides scrolling past that post. That's what I do.

  5. Duh...that's exactly the workaround I do and was hoping to have eliminated from the tag surfer. Or should we call it the tag wader? Because even though you select tags for subjects you're interested in, you still have to wade through crap you're not.

  6. And even if it would be possible to sort the language thing, what you see might still be crap, even if you can read it. The tag surfer is fine if you have very specific tags.

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