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Forever post image slider

  1. Does the Forever theme post image slider automatically flip through the images? Or do you have to click those little circles? Mine isn't moving, it is staying on one image.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. It does not automatically do this ie. your visitors must click for the next image to display.

  3. It appears you have created only a single feature post for the slider with the correct image dimensions ie. the othersare undersized. Featuring posts in a slider means creating several sticky posts with featured Images of the correct dimensions required for the theme. Every sticky post you have (up to 10) that has a Featured Image (at least 887 pixels wide and 355 pixels in height) attached will show up there. Easy!

  4. thank you

  5. You're welcome. :)

  6. Wait, now why won't the 4-column with images show up? I have it selected in the settings to do so and it was until my slider started working.

  7. To show only your four latest posts (with a Featured Image above each one, of course) in a neat grid on your home page just visit Appearance → Theme Options and click the checkbox there. Thumbnail on 4-column showcase for recent posts. Width 195px, maximum height 124px (cropped if larger).
    Featured Image (at least 887 pixels wide and height 355px)

  8. Do I not need to choose those 4-column posts to be "sticky" ?

    But I do choose the Featured Image slider posts to be "sticky"?

  9. The slider showcases selected posts. You activate it by marking those posts as stickies and setting a featured image to each one.

    The 4-column section showcases the latest four (non-sticky) posts. You activate it in Appearance > Theme Options.

    The two are independent: you can display the slider, or the 4-column section, or both, or none of the two.

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