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    I have just downloaded the ‘forever blog template’ the sample shows 3 rotating images as a header. I cant work out how to do this, the best I can come up with is just a standard photo, I cant see options to add more then one to create the same thing as the sample, the header is also in a slightly different location then the sample, in the sample the header is below the menu (ie: home, about). Hope someone has worked this out.


    The blog I need help with is



    No image of a theme or even a demo site is exact. They all vary a little.
    Forever theme description >
    Forever live demo site >

    You need sticky posts with Featured Images for the post slider which does not automatically rotate the images. At present these four themes have a featured post slider that automatically advances: Debut, Currents, On Demand, Modularity Lite. (the first 3 are premium themes) and the last one is a free theme. On the Forever theme visitors must click to advance the post slider.

    For the Forever theme every sticky post you have (up to 10) must have a Featured Image (at least 888 pixels wide and 355 pixels in height).



    Thank you, all sorted. Although somehow I have just deleted my ‘home’ and ‘about’ menus (but I’m sure I’ll work it out). :)

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