Forever Theme – Can I move the feature slider to a "static" page?

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    I am using the Forever Theme.

    I do not want my blog entries (coming soon!) to appear on the home page. I have figured out how to change this so they won’t.

    I would, however, love for the beautiful picturesque “slider” of “featured posts” to appear on the home page **instead** of the blog page.

    Is this possible? Perhaps using overriding CSS? I have not figured out any other way to customize it so that the slider could be on one page and blog entries on another.

    Thanks so much for your assistance!


    The blog I need help with is


    I’m going to go ahead and change up my idea/plan. So… no need to respond to this. Thanks!

    If I could delete this question, I would… but I’m not seeing a way to do so… Sorry about that!

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