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Forever theme - moving tag line? making tag line longer?

  1. Brand new to blogging. Love some help. Pulling my hair out. Don't do CSS. Lots of questions!!! Aaaahh!

    Is there a way to move the tag line? Am using Forever Theme, but would like it under my main heading/title (not far underneath the main photo like it is now & thus separated from the blog title).

    And, I would also like a few lines as the tag line (not just one line), or a longer line? How can i do this? Or can this only be done in CSS ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Really no need for so many threads. I count at least three on this board.

    I was going to direct you to the Themes forum, but I see you have several threads over there also.

  3. Well, no, I guess you don't. They're all on this board.

    Try the Themes forum for theme specific questions:

  4. hi thanks. do u mean i should re post?
    i wasn't sure how to do this. i posted a week ago with various questions in one memo & no one replied! so i thought it was too long & too many questions so thought i'd separate them....really don't know how this works & most effective way for answers...

    appreciate explanation/ advice.
    thanks so much! :)

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