Forever Theme -posting horizontally, moving place of post title & movitag line

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    I am new to blogging, but have a vision that i can’t achieve!

    1) I am using custom forever theme (but not the CSS part).
    i am trying to do 4 or so different posts horizontally across my blog on the home page with a photo for each one across in a line (like the wedding template of the forever theme example) but i can’t. does it mean the wedding template they show you can only be done by CSS? surely the design themes (templates) they show you should show you the basic template (so you can wisely choose which one you like & works best for your blog) instead of showing you an example of one that has been changed using CSS or other ways????

    If there is a way to do this without any CSS knowledge please tell me.

    2) Also, is there a way, i can put the title of my post above the photo instead of underneath?

    3) lastly, is there a way to move the tag line? i would like it under my main heading/title (not far underneath the main photo & thus separated from the blog title). And, I would also like a few lines as a tag line, or a longer line? How can i do this? Or can this only be done in CSS too?

    4) how can i change the color & font of ALL the words on my page, not just the main heading/title, tag line & post titles.

    Thanks sooo much!

    The blog I need help with is

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