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    I am using the “Forever” theme but I don’t use the tagline option, which gives me a gap of about 150px between my “pages buttons” and the main body of my blog, where the tagline would be if I used one.

    Is there any way to eliminate this space all together? I do have the custom CSS option, but I’m not great with CSS, so if there is some coding I could enter that would rid me of this stupid white space, that’d be great!

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is


    I have exactly the same problem with my blog (also Forever theme) – want to delete the same space. Please can anyone help us?

    Thanks very much.



    Ah, apparently I didn’t search hard enough… I found the answer on my own, so to sarahlucywilliams, enter this code into your custom CSS form:
    #description {
    display: none;
    That should do it! Worked for me!

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