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Forget to log out

  1. What happens if I shutdown my browser and computer without logging out of WordPress?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Depends on your computer settings. Some people set things so that, if someone steals their computer, those people are logged into their Gmail, their blogs, their Facebook, their Twitter, etc.

  3. rain is right

  4. It depends, have you checked the little remember me box when signing in? If you close a window or shut down the computer, and you haven't checked the box, you'll be signed out. You'll only stay signed in if the box is checked.

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  5. noignorance,

    You are obviously ignorant of the fact that this is the Support froum for blogs. If you want to show of your blog, please plug it here:

  6. whoops.

  7. pornstarbabylon

    If you're on a public computer or shared computer, then you're screwed. But if you're the only one on the computer, then no need to worry. I'm the only one on mine but I still delete all cookies, history, and cache every time I log off for the night. You can set up your browser settings that deletes everything every time the browser is shut off.

    On Firefox:
    Tools > Options > Privacy > Clear history when Firefox closes

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