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    Hello I have another blog
    and I cannot recall my password nor the email address I used for it. I typed in my username ‘Administrator’ but this didn’t help because I cannot remember the email address for it.
    Is there a way that you could provide a hint about the email address name, such as first part of the email address (before the @)? This might help me remember what the address is.

    The blog I need help with is



    If you cannot remember the login information for a account, your best bet is to try the account recovery process here:

    Due to the private nature of information required for account recovery and the public nature of these forums, we cannot help with account recovery here.


    Thanks. I did the recovery process but had to use my regular email address because I forgot the address I used with the blog.

    If I could be provided the first part of the email address that I used, for example ________@ I would probably remember it fully, and also the password for the email address, because I use the same password for most email addresses.

    Is it possible to be provided the first part of the email address name?



    You will have to discuss that with the account recovery team. Due to security issues, we simply cannot work on account recovery here in the forums. I’m sure you can understand.

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