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forgot my email for login

  1. i have enother wordpress.
    how can I get my email account for login
    it is my blogs.

    Plese help me.
    Thanks a lot for you help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am so sorry but we Volunteers cannot help you and Staff is unavailable until August 16th.

    The e-mail address registered with your account is your unique identifier. You will notice that when you sign up, we do not require any other information. As such, this is how we are able to verify ownership of blogs and accounts; it is very important to remember and update it as necessary.

    If you send us a note requesting help with accessing your account/blog, we will require an e-mail from the address registered with the account. Otherwise, we cannot help.

    I suggest you simply try to log-in using all the possible email addresses that you could have used to register your username account with, one at a time until you figure out which one is the correct one.

  3. If you go to the password reset page which can be found here: can enter either the email address or username. You might try entering the username for the account to see where the email is sent.

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