Forgot My other Login account registered email id.

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    I know my user name (anantanandgupta) but forgot the password and the email id registered with. Can you please just let me know that with which email id this username is attached to. Then I can create the forgot password request and retrieve the account.
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    Gravatar IDs
    Do you have a funny looking username assigned through Gravatar that starts with g2-* ?
    If so, this was made when an imported Gravatar account had an email address not matching an account with Please login to and then visit /wp-changelogin.php to change this username.



    you are right … this user id is from Gravatar only. here is the short story behind the post: I am having a Gravatar from a long time say around 8-10 year (don’t remember actually how old it is). and there was an old pic of mine, which I wanted to change now, so I visited to to do the same. Obviously, i had to reset my password there too, but I know that gravatar is linked to my email id and I got the reset password request. On clicking the reset password link it took me to reset the password and then asked me to create user name and I opted for my globally unique userid (anantanandgupta), which was not available, because of the the wordpress merger and same userid being present there. since this is the only userid I use to create any account online, and i have never faced “someone taken problem” means that on wordpress also this id belongs to me (might have created long back), created with the help of some other email id. Now as i don’t remember that with which email id i have created that username (anantanandgupta), I can’t get a password reset mail and can’t access my account.

    so, in very short again, I just need to know that which is the email id attached to this user name (anantanandgupta). Can this be raised as a support ticket so that I can get a support personal helping me out.

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