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    Rite, here’s the problem. If anyone can solve this i will love you forever.

    I set up a blog a while back for my friends business. All went fine.

    Haven’t been on it for a while so went to post some pics of the new business up and running….but ive forgotten the password…and me being me didnt think of writing it down.

    I know the username, so i thought id get the password sent to my email…like ya do…

    But guess what…because its a blog for my friend and not me id set up a new email account for it…and i cant remember what the email add was. im dumb i know.

    So ive sent for my password but cant remember what the flipping email ive sent it to is. nightmare. Ive tryed every email wording combination i can think of that i might have used but with no luck :(

    i know if your reading this you probably think im a total div…i know…i think it too. But if anyone can help id be sooooo happy as the blog address is already on all the business cards and its a nightmare if i cant actually get onto the blog.

    Thanks :D

    The blog I need help with is



    The best advice I can give you is you will need to contact staff directly please note that the burden of proof falls upon you when you contact staff here is the contact link


    yikes, ok, thanks x

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