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    Hi I am trying to access an old blog from last year called but I have a lot of email addresses and I can’t remember which email address or the password. I tried sending an email recovery using the Username ‘PDQ1’ and it sent but I can’t remember which email address I used :(
    I really need to log into this blog to edit and remove a backlink to my clients site


    I’ll tag this for staff attention and they can give you a hint on the email address.

    Also, make sure and check the email spam filter at your ISP if the password reset email does not show up right away as some overly zealous spam filters catch wordpress emails.



    Thank You very much, I tried a lot of my older hotmail addresses but it was around the time I switch to I’m very stuck!


    Not a problem. Just keep watch on this thread and I expect someone will respond within a few hours or so. The main staff member in the forums, @macmanx, is likely asleep now.


    @richieb799: I sent an email to the address linked to your “richieb799” account. Can you reply to that email?


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