Forgotten unique identifier email address

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    I am desperate for help. please someone out there in cyberspace help me.
    I have forgotten my unique identifyer email address for

    This was my main blogsite. From this address I made about 10 other wordpress blogsites that were linked to this site.

    Later I used another unique identifyer email adress to start the blog- Foolishly I changed to this as my main wordpress blogsite. Thus when I click this blogsite comes up. I do not want this to come up. I want to come up when I access This was two years ago.

    Now I have time on my hands I want to edit the 10 blogs I made under The 10 blogs are my life’s work. I have to edit them and add more content but I cannot since i have forgotten my unique identifying email address.

    How can I recall the email address so that I can edit the site?
    so also I can change the main blogsite back to propheticteaching?

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