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    I am trying to insert a form into one of my pages but I find the basic form tool to simple with not many options. I was wondering if there is any more complex forms widgets or addons I could download. I am trying to duplicate this form and I actually would like to do more with it but it is not really possible with the basic one. Any help would be appreciated. I am learning slowly but wordpress is new to me.

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    That is not doable here. If you want more than the advanced options on the Contact Form, you need to put it in an external web page and link to it in your custom header or a text widget. People use Aweber, etc, this way.



    That is a bummer. Need forms. and external webpage won’t work because this is going to be my page



    I am having a huge problem on my wordpress.COM blogs uploading an autoresponder optin form. I dont have any .org blogs, but I know I should be able to put an optin form on my .com site. I add a text widget, and put the form code into it for a sidebar text option, and instead of the form showing up the full raw HTML still just shows up. I really need to figure out why this is happening. It doesnt work even if I try to just put the optin form on a post, either.


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