Form submission that redirects to a page once submitted

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    I want to have materials available for download on a page, but I want users to fill in a form with their organisation contact details before they can do this.

    Is this possible with the free version. Is it possible with the enterprise version?


    The blog I need help with is



    I believe you can create one static page and place a contact form on it visibility public
    You can also create a seco9nd page for the downloads but make the visibility private and only provide the link after you have the contact information. That being said I admit that I have never tried this so other Volunteers and/or Staff may have more to say on this.

    Accepted file types

    Uploading documents
    See here for accepted file types The following processes are outlined particularly for users who wish to upload a document and add its download link to a blog post or page.



    thanks timethief, but how do yo do the “….only provide the link after you have the contact information.” ? you’ve suggested.



    When people complete a contact form they provide your with an email address.



    what you want to do can’t be done here automatically as @TT has pointed out.

    You can do the two step as noted by @TT – they fill out the contact form then you reply to them with the “secret handshake”

    You can’t set the Post or Page to “Private” as only Admin’s and I think Editors can see something that is Private.

    You have two options I can think of – put the file on a Page, use a custom menu so the page is not visible to visitors then you send them the URL of the “hidden” Page – the Page can also be password protected

    I set a Post to Password Protected for some things I don’t want visible to the world, then I send the link to the Post along with the password to get into the Post.

    Depending on the file you might be able to password protect it also – the downside is that people loose passwords to files and at some time say some very bad things about you and you end up sending out the file password again and again

    Either way once you send out the link or the password anyone can pass the info along to others

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