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  1. I'm trying to list my topics under my category but find that I can not create the list in single space format. Is there a way to change that or is this something that is a set format.

  2. can you elaborate what happens with your categories and you mean by 'single space format'? i don't understand...

  3. They're using the Post Categories tab on the Write Post page. It came up once before.

    You seperate them with commas, not spaces.

  4. ah, i see.

  5. Well, hopefully that's what they're doing. :)

  6. Here is a sample of what I'm trying to do:
    -Sample 1
    -Sample 2
    -Sample 3
    -Sample 1
    -Sample 2

    When I try to do this it turns out like this:



    Does this help?

  7. You won't be able to change the spacing without the custom CSS upgrade, unless you switch to a template that doesn't do this. That kind of thing is coded into the template, and different ones will handle it differently.

  8. Thanks, I appreciate your help as I am new. Do you have any suggestions as to which templates would work best with this format? No problem if you don't, just thought I'd as. :)

  9. You can check over engtech's blog; he's the only one I know who's done comparisons. It's at

  10. Thanks, I'm still working on it. I wasn't able to find anything over at engtech but maybe I was looking in the wrong place.

  11. I believe raincoaster was intending to send you to this location:

    There are reviews of the themes there with the have's and have not's of the theme. It is the most detailed description on the theme's to date. Not every theme has a review though and not every detail of the theme is reviewed, but it is a great resource.

  12. @flagranny2
    I'm wondering if perhaps we aren't communicating at cross purposes. This is why. Today I see you have changed your theme to Fadtastic. But yesterday you had the Andres04 theme on your blog. I loaded the same theme on my test blog and went to => Manage => Categories =>Add Categories

    I successfully created 3 categories (parent). I then created 3 sub-categories (children) under each of them in the same location of my admin area and assigned each sub-category to the parent categories.

    Next I created blog posts and successfully assigned them to the sub-categories. Next I went to => Presentation => Sidebar widgets and opened my Categories widget. I checked the boxes required to display the number of posts and the Parent-child) category subcategory hierarchy and then clicked the x, clicked saved changed and viewed my blog.
    When I looked at my sidebar at my Categories widget display all Categories and subcategories were displayed without a blank line in between them.

    Is it possible that you simply did not go to the correct admin section to create categories and sub-categories?
    Is it possible that you were trying to create this structure elsewhere?

  13. timethief

    It is very possible I didn't go about it the right way. You are right about me changing themes. I did that as someone suggested that each theme had it's one settings and I thought I would give it a start at trying different ones. From reading all that you did, I know I didn't do that. I tried two things: one was following the instructions on how to create a menus list and the other was trying on my own with the code by typing it and then trying to alter the code to change it but that didn't work. Probably because I'm not that savy with the html codes yet. I will give it a try again trying to follow your instructions.

    I really appreciate all that you went through and I'm going to go back to my original one that you worked on so I can see what I can do.

    Thanks again.....

  14. timethief

    "I successfully created 3 categories (parent). I then created 3 sub-categories (children) under each of them in the same location of my admin area and assigned each sub-category to the parent categories."

    Where you state you created 3 sub-categories (children) under each in the same location of my admin area, do you mean the same place as where you created the initial parent category?

  15. Yes. You create a sub-category in the same place and in the same way you create a category => Manage => Categories => Add Category

    Category name:
    Category parent: [here there will be a drop down menu for you to select the parent category]
    Click "Add Category" to save.

    P.S. These instructions are the same for all themes. If you change then you may have to re-arrange sidebar widgets but no text or images will be lost.

  16. timethief

    Ok, let me see if I have this right........
    My parent category would be Rants and my sub-category would be the title of my post such as
    Caterogy parent = Rants:
    Category name or description = Woman ill after eating recalled dog food

    Then it would show as?
    -Woman ill after eating recalled dog food

  17. No.
    - pet food
    - politics
    - relatives
    - sports

    I think we're of course here. Are you perchance making a site index on a page that has to be manually updated, rather than rather than using your automatically updating Categories widget in your sidebar?

  18. timethief

    Ok, by bad here. I see what you mean and what I'm suppose to do. i was way off base here so you have put it in perspective for me.......thanks so much. I was trying to so it all wrong by putting each of my rant posts under rants rather than sub-category them into a topic.

    I feel so bad now that I've caused you so much trouble. Being new at this blogging and getting settled in with everything is sure taking time. I see now and going back and looking at my site at this point I don't have any sub-categories for the rants I've posted, at least from what I can tell.

    I thank you so much for your help and I've saved your info for creating the sub-categories and will work on that . You've been a great help and I appreciate it very much.

  19. Don't feel bad. I was totally in the dark when I began 11 months ago. Remember also that until you actually assign a sub-category or category to at least one post it will not display in your sidebar.

    I'd also like to offer you some other beginner resource links and if you need more beginner resources just click on my username. Happy blogging :)

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