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format for bullets copied from Word

  1. Hi,
    I typed my latest post on Word (using 14 point type with 1 &1/2 line spacing throughout) and then pasted it (using the little "W" box) onto my wordpress blog.

    But as you see, the bullets are so cramped, they are difficult to read.

    I can't make spaces between the lines of the bullets! Here is the permalink:

    See? It looks awful and is hard to read.

  2. That's the default styling for lists in the theme you're using. You can
    a) avoid using actual lists - just type the text as regular text and enter the bullets manually, or
    b) modify the coding in the Text (=code) editor for each and every list you use, or
    c) buy the Custom Design and correct the spacing once for all, or
    d) switch to a different theme.

    If you opt for b, you need to turn this:
    to this:
    <ul style="line-height:1.5em;">
    Change the number to adjust the spacing (1.5 is the theme's default for regular text).

  3. Dear justpi,

    YOU ARE MY HERO. Thank you so much. The tip about changing the code was over my head, but the one about doing it manually worked.

    I really appreciate your prompt and excellent help.


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