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Format issue

  1. When I 'center' a paragraph but then after it want to 'left align' or 'full justify' it keeps on centering.
    The same applies to if I insert an image and center it, then what I write after it is also centered, regardless of how much I try to change it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you want complete control like that, then you must be willing to use the text editor and learn a bit about html. The visual editor does not always give you the precise location of your cursor, especially with images involved.

    Here are some articles about coding on this blog which might help:

    Codes useful for text widgets
    • Formatting text pt. 1: blank lines, alignment, wrap-around, two columns
    • Formatting text pt. 2: indents and blockquotes
    • Formatting text pt. 3: space between lines, characters, and words
    • Formatting text pt. 4: transformations
    • Formatting text pt. 5: color, size, and font

  3. The weird thing is that sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.
    It's not the complicated. For instance, if you start with a quote that you want centered, but then the story to follow is not to be centered.


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