Format loss when switching from Visual to HTML

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    First off… When I use the Visual editor only sometimes does it let me enter down a few lines to start a new paragraph. This tends to be true when entering media… It makes me to switch to HTML and enter the <P> tags there to get correct spacing…. The problem is that when I format in “Visual Tab” then switch over to HTML tab… Anything I did in visual is stripped.

    I have tried saving before I swap over and still nothing. Here is the example:

    I import picture… I then want to have a 5 px margin around the picture. I then want to paragraph down to start a new section of my post. Well I can add the margin fine in visual mode… but then it wont let me paragraph down… so I have to go to HTML mode and enter the <P> tags… as soon as I do that I lose the 5px margin…. I go back and re add the 5 px margin…. I then lose the <P> tags…



    Standard HTML paragraph formatting does not allow multiple blank lines between paragraphs. The best I have to offer is to make all of your edits and when you are ready to publish, change to HTML and put in the extra line breaks (with the <p>) and then publish. Do remember that if you then go in to edit the post, the extra line breaks will be stripped out.

    One thing to remember is that the web and HTML is not a wordprocessor or page layout program and is far more limited.

    One other thing you can do is put a dash or period on blank lines between paragraphs and then change the color of the dash or period to the same color as the background of the post area. They way they won’t be visible.



    Great advice about the period character and coloring it to the same as BG… Thanks, I will try that!


    You’re welcome and happy blogging.

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