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    Lost formatting how do I get it back.



    You will have to be more specific than that, what formatting.

    Can we assume it’s because your sidebar has moved to the bottom of the page?

    If so it’s probably because the image you have in the latest post is too large for the content div. Reduce the size of the ocean/beach image.

    And in the future be more specific and descriptive in your forum title.


    thanks marc,

    The sidebar moved to bottom of the page before the image was posted. In preview,mode the side bar is positioned correctly. When published it is not.

    The image was a drag a drop into the editor because the edit/ insert image fucntion failed to put it in the post.

    What do I need to do to a set up the process to get all the features to work in the text editor?

    Specifically, what do I need to set up so that when I use the image/ insert function the image inserts? What do I need to do to set up permalinks or trackbacks?



    I think I know what’s going on. You should probably not select the image but align the cursor right in front of the image. Like this:

    [blinking cursor][image goes here]

    Basically don’t highlight the image. I think this fixes the problem. Don’t worry they’re probably working on it.


    Hello help desk
    thanks for formatting suggestion I’ll try it

    another item, on flickr right now trying to set up this blog

    It is Asking for API Endpoint

    I do this http://newmedianotebook.wordpress/xmlrpc.php
    and get this The endpoint you entered was not correct.

    I read inside the dashboard somewhere that you aren’t supposed to give up your API. So what do I do to set flckr up to post pictures directly into the blog?



    RE format issues. took the drastic step and delted all the posts that were not formatted properly and started again. Now a lingering issue is a date malfunction in save and continue editting. When I do that I get January 1970. Wonder if this is the glitch in the giddy up ?

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