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  1. I have tried to change the formatting on my Review Page to paragraph but it just won't change no matter how many times I change and save. I did the same thing on my Home page and changed to paragraph (or am I talking about my different posts which I think I am) but it doesn appear in paragraph format on my review page.
    CAn you also tell me if the attributes of the home page are different to the other pages I have created. My page is called Reviews, Travel etc and these names appear again as a lower heading on the same page??

    Your help greatly appreciated. New at this and want to get it right


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your reviews page is one very long paragraph. Go into that page in the editor and look through the text and at the beginning of each paragraph, press return once. Keep doing that at the beginning of each paragraph. When done, update the page.

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