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    I just spent a half an hour trying to format a post. Every time I thought I had it right, when I saved it something was wrong. Either the spacing was screwed up, or the font was random, etc.

    Anyone have any idea why this is or what I’m doing wrong, or what’s the fix?

    Also, is it not possible to set a size for fonts in a post?



    Were you pasting from Word by any chance? That really screws up formatting; better to use something like Notepad or Blogdesk if you’re writing it offline first. Also, if you’re using Safari, that’s known to cause a lot of formatting problems.

    For the spacing, do you mean you want single-spaced? There’s a bit of a trick with it; instead of just hitting enter, you want to use shift and enter. For fonts you can definitely change the size and font of your text, but you want to make sure you don’t leave any of the </font> tags open or that can carry any formats over into other posts and cause problems.

    If you have any other formatting problems, can you describe them in more detail or provide a link to one of the posts? It’s easier to work out what’s going on if we can see it for ourselves.



    If you want to control the formatting of a post, and it’s really, really important to you, unfortunately you will either have to find a theme designed by someone who thinks exactly the way you do or you will have to lower your standards or you will have to go elsewhere. sites are by design rudimentary in formatting, to help people concentrate on the content, not the format.



    Also, is it not possible to set a size for fonts in a post?

    Yes, there are two methods for doing this. If you have css editing experience and have purchased the css customization upgrade you can change the font style and size for posts throughout your blog. Thereafter every post you make will be in the font style and size you have changed it to.

    If you do not have the upgrade then you have to do the coding changes required to each individual post

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