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    Hi, can anyone tell me how to format blank lines between entries in the Text field of Widgets in my sidebars? Or do I have to add a new text field every time? I’m at – I’m trying to add new client quotes and want some space between them. Also can I generate some space between defined fields ie in my Sidebar 1 between “How I can help” and the text field above it???

    The blog I need help with is


    For making more space between widgets in the sidebar I create a text widget between them but leave it blank, no title or text, this puts a gap between widgets.



    Thanks happy snapper, this lo-tech version will be my solution, since pressing return doesn’t work and using WLW is beyond my mental capabilities. Thx again


    Your welcome



    My mistake I missed the word widget sorry about the non relevant answer I’ll delete the replies I left so theirs no confusion to anyone that reads this thread.


    For a blank line in a text widget you use this:
    <div style="height:0.7em;"></div>
    (You can adjust the space by changing the number.)


    Or, you can wrap the individual items in “p” tags which will put one blank line between items.

    <p>the item text/HTML here</p>


    Ah now ya see I don’t know clever stuff like that :-)

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