Formatting differences from "Blogs–>Add New" vs. "New Post"

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    Why does my posts’ formatting differ depending on whether I post from “Blogs–>Add New” or the “New Post” button? If I post from “Blogs–>Add New” all my text will appear to the right of the image. If I post from “New Post” this won’t happen, but the white border that’s around all the previously posted images is not added. This latter isn’t a huge deal, but ideally, I would like consistency. This all started after wp made some changes, presumably to make things “easier.” (So far, been kind of a pain in the rear, guys…) Has anyone else been having similar problems?

    The blog I need help with is


    Do you mean the ‘new post’ link at the top of the screen that’s accessed via a drop-down? That is meant for very quick posts without much formatting and is best avoided. Always use the other option.


    Bird, thank you! But no, although I do see the drop-down option, now that you’ve mentioned it (I won’t use it, thank you!), the one I’ve been using is the “new post” button on the toolbar that appears at the top of the page when I’m logged in. When I use this button, the white border that otherwise shows up around my image is not added, but the text does appear below the image (though a hard return automatically adds a line of air…frustrating…I’m glad I’m not posting poetry!)

    Alternatively, when I go to the page that lists all of my posts with options for managing them, there is a button “Add New.” When I use it, all of my text gets squeezed into the tiny space to the right of my image (I need it to appear below the image). When I started the blog (in 10/12), there didn’t seem to be so many options for creating a new post, and the one I used automatically added the white border (I assumed this was just part of the theme) AND put the text below the image.

    I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do using this latter (“Posts–>Add New”) option to get the text to stop wrapping (or whatever it’s doing), but keep the white border. I never touch the coding in either option (all I know how to do is add a hard break :-)), so I don’t think it’s anything I’m doing, but wondering if I can fix it nevertheless….Sorry to be so long-winded. This is hard to explain without the visual.

    Thanks for your reply! Any other thoughts are most welcome!



    Using the New Post button creates an “Aside” which is a different kind of post format than posting from the dashboard creates, which is a standard Post. I don’t ever use the New Post button, because it’s associated with so many missing post problems and it does not activate the autosave.


    Thank you!…Another piece of the puzzle! I have already had a problem with missing images using this button. Unfortunately, I’m forced to use it until I figure out how to keep my text from wrapping to the right of my image, which is now happening automatically when I use the “Add New” button accessed through the dashboard. Any advice?

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